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Image by Alex Guillaume

Dynamic Meditation

      The life style of the modern man has changed drastically compared to the olden times of Buddha, Jesus and Krishna.  The people during those times had good amount of physical activity like wood cutting, grinding, sweeping and carrying heavy loads, walking the long distances and so on.  The inventions and discoveries have changed the life style of humanity.  The usage of modern electrical and electronic equipment like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dish washers, micro wave ovens, vehicles, computers etc. have practically cut all the physical activity.  The modern individual appears more relaxed externally.  However, internally an individual is an erupting volcano.  Stress is the disease of the civilized world.  It is more mental activity now. 


    Normally, the suppressed emotions in view of social compulsions get released through physical activity.  It works as catharsis for all those suppressions.  The Dynamic meditation (Utsaha dhyanam) involves in activation of the body, ‘prana’, mind, emotions, and spirit and then cleanses all the sheaths of their blockages.  This dhyanam harmonizes the brain hemispheres, balances the ‘navarasas’ and prepares a ‘Nada sharira’. By practicing the dynamic meditation the internal field of our body strengthens, the chakras get aligned and the positive aura deepens.  Then an individual can experience ‘Sthita pragna’ (Living in the moment). 



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