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What is Mudra

    Arrangement of the fingers of hands in different gestures is called ‘mudra’. The dissipation of energy is arrested through performance of Mudras. The gestures establish subtle linkages of electrical circuit. They alter the moods and attitudes. They are spiritually higher practices to awake the Pranas, Chakras and Kundalini. They establish link between Physical body, mental body and Pranic body. A subtle awareness is needed to directly witness the activation of ‘Chakras’ (energy centres) of human body. Mudras join the individual Pranic force with Universal Cosmic Force. The Pranic energy moves to the higher chakras with the help of Mudras.
They help us attain higher states of Consciousness.

The Mudras rectify the electro-magnetic fields of our body, remove ‘Tri dosha’ (Vatha, Pitha, kapha), balance energy differences by balancing the five elements in the body (Agni, Vayu, Akasha, Prithvi & Jala). Every finger contains the body, mind and soul in it. The performance of Mudras clears the disharmony inside the body & mind. A direct communication with body and mind is possible through hand gestures. The mudras influence the mind through stimulation of brain via nervous system of the body. A
mudra can also be used for ‘aura strengthening’ and clearing the
subtle channels.

The Naadis and Chakra dissipate Prana in normal course. The energy is redirected with the help of Mudras and the loss of Prana is arrested. In ‘Kriya Yoga’ and awakening of ‘Kundalini’, the Mudras have an apex role. The Mudra can bring us out of instinctive patterns of the Un-conscious mind and evolve us to a higher state Consciousness. For more detailed info please refer the books 'The Secret Science of Mudras (English)' and  'Mudra Sastra Rahasyalu (Telugu).

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