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Image by CHIRAG K

Maitreya Dharana

      ‘Dharana’ is the contemplation, i.e. focussing of the mind upon a specified object. Tranquilizing the mind and making the senses absorbed in the mind is considered as a major step of achievement in yoga practice.  The object of Dharana meditation is for two purposes.  One is to focus the tranquil mind on the higher nature of man and knowing the presence of God inside our body.  The second one is to focus the tranquil mind upon any other thing realizing the presence of God everywhere.


      In the process of Dharana meditation, sitting in a stable and comfortable position, keeping the head, neck and spine in one straight line or lying on a carpet leaving all the body parts very loose, they are relaxed part by part and piece by piece from toes to head, externally and internally, focusing on the particular part by giving positive suggestions.  By doing so, the total systems in the body get relaxed and rejuvenated.  In this process we begin to apply the tranquil mind with senses absorbed in it to any object specified.


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