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Laya Dhyanam

Oceanic Breathing Meditation


 " పూజ కోటి సమం స్తోత్రం స్తోత్ర కోటి సమో జపః  |

      జప కోటి సమం ధ్యానం ధ్యాన కోటి సమో లయః  || "


   " Puja koti samam stotram Stotra koti samo japah  |

    Japa koti samam dhyanam Dhyana koti samo layah  || "   

      The importance of laya dhyanam is clearly mentioned in baghvadgeeta by Sri Krishna Baghavan. As per the verse stated above, One crore puja is equal to a stotram, One crore stotras is equal to japam, One crore japas is equal to dhyanam, One crore dhyanam is equal to layam. So, from the verse we can see how significant is Layam than puja, stotram, japam and dhyanam.


  Here Layam means merging Jeevasakthi with Jeeva. Jeeva and Jeevasakthi are not two separate things, they are like two faces of the same coin and from the same source. Jeeva resides at our broomadhya and due to downward movement of jeevasakthi from Jeeva, we are all experiencing the maya, ego, desires, kama, krodha, moha, lobha, madha, matcharyas. This is the same reason even for all our karmas, bonding and dushkrtis. We forgot ourselves who we are and what is our true nature and running after impermanent things. Except the Jeeva, our body, mind, emotions, thoughts, bondings, recognitions, rewards, achievements, properties, possessions are all unreal. But because of the separation of Jeeva and Jevasakthi, all these unreal things appear real and real thing (Jeeva) appear unreal and the moment jeeavsakthi goes and merges with Jeeva, all these outward things disappear and only Jeeva look real. Infact we experience the same truth partially during sleep when jeevasakthi merges with jeeva. With continues practice of Laya dhyanam, even in the awakened state we can experience the same kind of detachment, freedom from emotions, happiness, contentedness and bliss. It is a very simple practice which can be easily followed by all age groups of people. Please refer the video pointed below and follow all the steps mentioned by Sri Guruji Swami Maitreya. It is always advisable to learn this meditation technique from a Guru or senior sadhakas. Also, we should keep practicing few basic Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana, Samadhi along with Laya dhyanam. 

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