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Maitreya Samadhi

Advanced Meditation

      The path of meditation leads to enlightenment, nirvana, moksha, liberation, truth and bliss. The meditation takes one to the core of their inner being and essentially makes one realize the absolute consciousness. The awareness and equanimity are keys in achieving the destination.  The meditation brings back the innate divinity, the pure inner nature and the original pace of an individual.



      The continuous flow of awareness with equanimity is Samadhi.  It is a state of experiential wisdom of the presence of God in all things. The process involves in observation of sensations in the body-mind complex, observation of breath and observation of thoughts as an outsider with equanimity.  Through this meditation, we acquire the skill of living in here and now (living in the moment) and remaining in the present. It is a process of purification of mind, cleansing the mental contents, removing the mass and remaining as ‘no mind’.  



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