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      Meditation makes a person to be a total quality individual physically healthy, mentally peaceful, emotionally balanced and spiritually matured. Our mental software is upgraded in the process of meditation. The purpose of one’s living is to liberate oneself from suffering and misery and be ever blissful. Majority of our problems (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) are due to the mental contents or the mental modifications in the mind. The ultimate purpose of yoga and meditation is the joining up of individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness. The innerself is not the thoughts but when it identifies with the thoughts it loses its original chastity and purity. The misidentification with thoughts and the right living happens only through meditation.


      In meditation we dis-identify with thoughts. We witness thoughts in meditation.  The thoughts are energy suckers. When the thoughts are observed with detachment the inner energy shifts to the process of observation of thoughts rather than becoming the energy in motion, i.e., emotion. Meditation is awareness and discovery of innerself and realization of absolute consciousness. It is awareness, witnessing and experiencing every moment. The ultimate purpose of meditation is attaining nothingness, silence and purity.


Benefits of meditation:

  • It activates the body and mind.

  • It removes psychosomatic disorders.

  • It improves the alpha, theta, delta wave patterns.

  • It gives complete rest to internal organs.

  • It helps to overcome form the sufferings of arthritis, migraine, heart problems, aging problems, diabetes, Blood pressure, reduces the cholesterol levels, asthma, skin disorders, stomach disorders etc.

  • It increases the breathing process, memory, concentration, will power, self- confidence.

  • Desirelessness is attained through meditation.

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