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Maitreya Dhyanam

Beginner's Meditation

    The process of meditation is de-conditioning of the mind. The continuous flow of awareness is meditation. It is something like a surgical operation on the puss filled wound of our mind. Most of our emotions are the reactions of our mind. They are the conditionings in our conscious and subconscious mind. The process of meditation is the cleansing of these conditions. It is cutting the roots of samskaras, habits and reactions in our mind.


    Meditation removes all the reactions of mind and you are de-conditioned. The absolute relaxation, health, happiness and harmony are achieved through meditation. The whole process of mediation is very scientific. All the sufferings family problems, social tensions can be well tackled through the process of meditation. It also allows one for retaining mental health and uncovers the positive living which is the real quality of the innerself.



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