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(ఆత్మ జ్ఞానం) 





The human birth is the most blessed and fortunate one out of all the births but just being born as a human doesn’t give an unconditional advantage. The whole animal world, plant world except the human being is unconditionally existential and blissful. Everything in nature is beautiful and blissful as they do not have the process called mind. Every human being was born with a brain but the mind is what you have accumulated after the birth. It contains just the past and the future. The mind just contains the unconsciousness. The mind doesn't allow one to stay in the present.


      The human being has a choice to be conscious or unconscious. The consciousness is the totality of the being and the presence of the Bliss. The unconsciousness is the misery and suffering. The unconsciousness is the absence of the inner self. The mind is the cause of suffering and misery. The No-Mind is the presence of the being and the Bliss of inner self. The No-Mind is the full mind of divinity.


         The Purnapurusha sadhana, the Brahmavidya sadhana and the Atma sakshatkara sadhana transform the human into the divine. The workshops positively free the spirit and ascend you towards Enlightenment, Bliss, Freedom and Superconsciousness.

      When we were born, we had no mind. We were born with the pure being. The pure being of our inside was absolutely divine. It had the divinity, bliss, beauty, energy, power, creativity and spontaneity. No need of any becoming but the whole of our upbringing was faulty. It just created a sort of inferiority, guilt and insufficiency right from the childhood. Every human born on this earth is a potential God. All gods and masters like Jesus, Buddha and Krishna were born on this earth only. They just escaped the clutches of human upbringing. The No-Mind of the birth has not become the impure mind of the usual human beings in those blessed individuals.

      Our path is the path of purification of Body-Mind complex. It is the path of de-conditioning and resurfacing of your original face, the path to regain your divinity, purity and innocence.


About Guruji

Swami Maitreya

     Guruji Swami Maitreya belongs to an established lineage of Yogic spiritual masters of India.  Through his 40 years of continuous practice he had rediscovered the missing links of our Indian heritage.

   He had many Gurus in various schools like Buddhism, Sufism, Zen, Hassidism, Upanishadhs, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Mantra and Tantra etc.

     For the past 20 years he was well received in TV and print media. His programs in Maa TV, Samskruti, TV 1 and Gyana yogi channels, and newspaper columns in Eenadu, Sakshi, and articles in spiritual journals have provided immense inspiration to many.

   Guruji’s contributions to yoga, meditation and spirituality are well-acclaimed for which he was awarded an honorary Ph.D. (Medicina Alternativa) and FICA (fellow of the international council of Ayurveda) by the American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine.

       Guruji created more than 350 videos on various aspects of physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual maturity with respect to personal, professional and family life which are freely available on youtube channel and this website.


     Authored more than 23 books in Telugu and English combined, published by leading publications like Emesco and Sahiti Publications. Please refer the books page for more info about books.


   Conducted several lectures to high designated bureaucrats, corporate CEOs and film personalities. His training programmes to corporate bodies for personal growth, management and health are widely acclaimed.


     The practices followed by Guruji are very simple and effective.  They give success and satisfaction to the individual.  He practices a combination of both modern and oriental methods and are most effective and powerful in transforming an individual into a ‘Purna Purusha’, the total quality individual.


      The life he leads is an example of his teachings.  His teaching that, Spiritual and Materialistic lives are not different has been proved amply through his daily life.  For example, he has proved beyond doubt that one need not renounce every thing to become spiritual, leading himself a normal married life.  His wife is a Bank Officer, his elder son is a Software Engineer and the younger son is a Doctor.  He worked as a Manager for a Multi-National company and received ‘The Best Manager’ award for 17 years continuously.


   He is fulfilling all the responsibilities of an individual in family life, Professional life, Personal life and Social life and is a renowned Spiritual Guru.  With excellent awareness and equanimity in every action, he spreads love, affection and kindness to all.


His life itself, in this way, is a message and inspiration to all.

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About Swami Maitreya Sadhana

      The individual today is very confused and highly frustrated, immensely depressed inspite of growing knowledge and materialistic comforts and unimaginable prosperity.  What must be the reason?  In spite of all the richness, why does he suffer?  Why does he be miserable?    Something could have gone wrong with the life style.  The same problems of suffering and misery prevailed from the beginning of the civilization continue to prevail even today in all sections of the Society.


      The Seers and Great masters like Krishna, Buddha and Jesus had given solutions to these problems.  They have given smart tools and techniques to come out of the suffering.  Unfortunately, the humanity never practiced these techniques but only worshipped the masters.  All the tools taught by them were only practical life style management techniques.


      Meditation is one such beautiful and effective tool to bring out the full potential of human being.  Each human being is a potential God. Each human being is like a seed having the full potential to become a full grown tree.  What we see today is quite contrary to what should have been, whether it is youth, middle aged or elderly.  We notice that they are physically unhealthy, mentally disturbed, emotionally imbalanced and spiritually bankrupt.


      The process of Meditation transforms an individual into a ‘Purna Purusha’ who is physically healthy, mentally peaceful, emotionally balanced and spiritually matured.  Most importantly, the answer for all human problems is inside.  But, everybody is searching the solution outside.  As the search is always at the wrong place, they are unable to get what they want.


       The happiness is within but the search is outside.  Each individual is endowed with body and mind complex.  Our ignorance is that we treat the body and mind complex as everlasting (permanent) and develop strong Ego.  The Ego brings about the Craving and Aversion.  Hence, all the problems are due to the Ignorance, Craving and Aversion.


        The same was the discovery of Budha, Sage Maharshi Patanjali, Siva, the father of Yoga. The reality is that the body and mind are impermanent phenomena.  But, just an intellectual understanding that the body and mind are impermanent phenomena is useless.  What one needs is an experiential wisdom that the body and mind complex is impermanent process.

         Through Meditation, one experiences this impermanence of body and mind. One experiences that the body and mind as a flow of vibrations that arise and passing away.  The gross body appears as different parts but the subtle body is flow of vibrations which can’t be differentiated.  The truth of matter is that it is arising and passing away of energy.  This is what Krishna taught in his Gita to Arjuna.


         The life style of the modern man has changed drastically, compared to that in the times of Budha, Jesus.  The people in those times had good amount of physical activity like wood cutting, drawing water from the well, walking long distances etc.  But, the inventions and discoveries have changed the life style of the humanity.  The uses of modern machines like washing machine, vaccum cleaners, grinders, mixies, Micro-wave ovens, vehicles, computers and the whole lot of modern gadgets have cut all the physical activity. 


       The modern man appears more relaxed externally.  However, internally he is an erupting volcano.    As the energy does not get released physically, he becomes mentally restless.  Now-a-days it is more mental activity.  Normally, the suppressed emotions, in view of social compulsions get released through physical activity.  The physical exertions become ventilators for emotions suppressed.  It works as catharsis for all those suppressions.


      Swami Maitreya has evolved a lifestyle which is the combination of knowledge he received from his 21 Gurus and essence of all religions.  It is an embodiment of Upanishads, teachings of Krishna, ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ of Sage Maharshi Patanjali from Hinduism, teachings of Budha from ‘Buddhism’, sayings of ‘Quran’ of Islam, teachings of ‘Sufism’, teachings of ‘Zen’ religion of Japan and Chinese ‘Taoism’ etc.  It is a new recipe, amalgamating the teachings of all the Seers and great masters of the World.


    The main tool in this lifestyle for every person to lead a successful and satisfied life of physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual growth is ‘Meditation’.  Meditation, in Saint Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga is the seventh step (out of 8 steps of Ashtanga Yoga the last one being ‘Samadhi’).


      To understand and practice Meditation, one has to practice the other six steps viz., ‘Yama’ (the social code of conduct), ‘Niyama’ (the personal code of conduct), ‘Asana’ (the physical postures of the body which makes a person comfortable to sit for meditation as long as wishes), ‘Pranayama’ (the controlled and proper way of breathing enabling an individual to utilize the capacity of his lungs fully for better physical health), ‘Pratyahara’ (for the control of sensory organs and organs of action), ‘Dharana’ (concentration and increased memory capacity).


       The lifestyle evolved by Swami Maitreya teaches the methods to follow and various activities to be performed to achieve the necessary experiential knowledge in all these steps.  The main and the most important aspect of this life style is “to live fully in each and every moment with consciousness, awareness and equanimity”.


        Practicing this lifestyle which is nothing but the lifestyle taught by Krishna in Gita makes a person to know the real ‘Truth’ experientially as he learns and lives each moment fully, leaving no room for any past or future.  The individual gets relieved of the traps of mind which is the cause for all the suffering and unhappiness in life and becomes its master.  He learns to become ‘Sthitha Pragna’ resulting into a ‘Purna Purusha’, the complete individual. 


    Swami Maitreya is a person who practices what he teaches and understood experientially.  His life style is a practical example of his teachings that the materialistic life and spiritual life are not different.  One need not renounce or leave every thing to achieve ‘Moksha’ or liberation.  Action with consciousness and awareness, with detachment on the results of the action (i.e. Sacrifice of results of action – ‘Karma phala thyaga’) is what is needed to achieve Godliness.


     The Active Meditation, a rare form of Meditation introduced by Swami Maitreya as part of this life style course activates the body, Prana, Mind, Emotions and the Spirit and then cleanses all sheaths of their blockages.  It harmonizes the brain hemispheres, balances the Navarasas, prepares a ‘Naada Shareera’, the internal energy field strengthens, the Chakras get aligned and positive Aura deepens.  One experiences the ‘Sthitha Pragna’ naturally.


      The pure mind is the consciousness.  But, the improper life style alters the very nature of the mind.  The seat of every past action gets recorded and all experiences are registered in the mind.  The real nature of being is Bliss.  But, the suppressed impressions, memory, emotions, knowledge, thoughts and Samskaras, which are the content of the mind in un-conscious and sub-conscious states, creates  deep complexes and don’t allow the moment we live totally.  The present in moment is skipped because of the interference of the mind.  Prana and mind are intimately connected.  Change in one will affect the other.


       During Active Meditation, all the suppressed emotions are brought out and the body and mind become cleansed of all the deeply registered emotions.


       In this life style, Meditation does not mean only to sit in a corner and closing the eyes.  A person can be in meditation in each and every moment in every movement (in every activity he performs) so long he does it as destined by the God and with full consciousness, awareness and equanimity.  This is the greatest benefit of this type of life style.  After all, every individual wants want to lead a happy, successful and satisfied life.



Vision and Mission
Buddha Statue
Rock Balancing
Pink Lotus Flower


  • Human consciousness

  • Sthitapragna Samadhi

  • Integrated person

  • Holistic and wholistic life

  • Heaven on Earth

  • Human being to God

  • Stress free world

  • Divine self and divine lives

  • Meditative living

  • Satyameva jayathe

  • Spirit of success and satisfaction

  • Potential living

  • Buddhu to Buddha

  • Manipulative mind to witnessing self

  • Essence of life to life of essence

  • No where to now here


  • To create a Heaven on Earth

  • To make everyone physically, healthy, mentally peaceful, Emotionally balanced and spiritually matured

  • To bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to everyone

  • To take everyone towards super consciousness, Bliss, Freedom, Liberation and Enlightenment

  • To create a world with friendship, kindness, Love, compassion, happiness, peace, prosperity and Bliss

  • To liberate the world from suffering and misery

  • To wipe out the discriminations such as caste, creed, culture, race, nationality, financial status and social status

  • To make every in dual positive, self confident, dynamic, peaceful, kind, compassionate, courageous, creative,

  •  intelligent, self sufficient, successful, selfless, healthy, Contented, service minded, realistic, socially responsible, spiritual and blissful

  • To make every individual a moving God.


Swami Maitreya sadhana contains an ideal blend of both ancient and modern practices which are simple and powerful.  Our package contains a set of wholistic practices to attain physical health, mental peace, emotional balance and spiritual maturity.  They are as follows: 


  • Personal code and social code of conduct

  • Food habits

  • Body Management (Asanas and cleansing krias)

  • Breath Management (Pranayamas)

  • Mind Purification and Management (Meditations)

  • Life Style Management

  • Spiritual living

  • Knowing the true essence of Scriptures, Prayers and Mantras of different religions.


Maitreya Dhyanam

Beginner's Meditation 

"Experience God through every person, every place, every situation, every experience and everything in the creation including yourself. God is inside you and around you."

-Guruji Swami Maitreya

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